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Refinishing services

             Chemical Dipping- Sand blasting- Polishing 


  • Sand blasting (5 different grades to meet your surface textures specifications)
  • Glass blasting
  • Plastic blasting
  • Aluminum oxide blasting
  • Blasting can remove coatings from fiberglass and plastics

Thermal cleaning

  •  Removes all coating from metal through temperature regulated machinery
  • Removes all coatings regardless of coating accumulation and condition
  • Largest thermal cleaning machinery in NW- no project too large!
  • Zero pollution discharge
  • Steels metals only

 Chemical cleaning

  • AMR offers 5 different cleaning solutions to strategically clean metal
  • Removes coatings through chemical dipping
  • submergible up to 10ft deep and 6ft wide
  • Closed loop system which means ZERO chemical discharge to the environment
  • Cleans aluminum and steel only
  • Chrome removal available