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who we are & what we do...

President, Preslee Jeffers 

             Chemical Dipping- Sand blasting- Polishing 


Action Metal Refinishing (AMR) understands the cost- effective approach to restoring quality hardware versus purchasing new equipment. AMR has cleaned and refinished products such as medical/ dental equipment, aluminum baseball bats, cookware, antiques, home/ garden items, Warn Industry supplies, Bowflex machines, Nike and Starbucks store décor. Regardless of the item or home project AMR can clean, restore, and refinish any product back to new again.  

AMR is a family owned and operated company that has one goal: to provide the best possible craftsmanship and customer service. The company president, Preslee Jeffers, has been in the industry over 25 years. "I believe AMR provides a unique service that is cost efficient for individuals and companies. I look forward to working with each customer and providing the best customer service in the industry.” AMR is best known for meeting the demands of large manufacturing companies while taking pride in providing a unique service to our local community.

AMR is also home to sister company
Oregon Retinners.Oregon Retinners was created in 1927 to re-tin worn out milk cans. Today, it caters more to the food service industry. Retinning is the art of plating home and commercial utensils, cookware, and other metal objects with a well polished layer of tin. It is one of the oldest metal working crafts in the world. Oregon Retinners is one of the very few companies in the United States that can do it with precision and quality craftsmanship.